Kaase Concealed Handgun School - After the Class

License To Carry Application Process

Here are the steps needed to obtain your Texas License To Carry Handgun License

(This process can be completed up to 6 months before you take the class.  If you take the class, you have 1 year from the class date to complete your application process or you will have to retake the class again.)

1.  Submit your LTC Application:

Go to DPS website and submit your online application using the following website:


After you pay your state fees, if any apply, you will need to click on the blue "PRINT CHECKLIST" button that will appear on your screen.  This will print out your receipt and your checklist.  The checklist will have a bar code at the top of the page. The bar code is your trace number.  All of the documentation that you will need to submit to the DPS is on your checklist.

Here is the link to find out what state fees you will pay at the end of your application:


2.  Schedule your fingerprints:

Go to the website:  https://uenroll.identogo.com/  call 1-888-467-2080 to schedule an appointment.   You must make an appointment for your fingerprint session, as they do not accept walk-ins.  You will need your service code to schedule your appointment.  The service code is located on your DPS Checklist that you printed off.  Your prints will automatically be submitted to DPS and attached to your application via the trace number. This step can be done any time after you complete step 1.  You must get your fingerprints taken at Identity, (formerly L-1 Identity Solutions), operated by Morpho Trust USA. They are the sole provider of DPS-authorized fingerprint services.  The fingerprint service will cost $10.  The passport photo service, if needed, will cost $10.

3.  Passport Photos:

If you have a Texas Drivers License or a Texas ID card, you are not required to have passport photos taken.  If you have an out of state drivers license, you must have a passport photo taken.  When you have your fingerprints taken, they can also do your passport photo for you as well.  You will also have to fill out a LTC-6 passport photo holder form.  The form is located in our downloadable forms section of our website.  Texas Drivers License or Texas ID Card Holders do not need to submit and LTC-6 passport photo holder form.

4.  Submit your supporting documentation:

Gather all of the supporting documentation that is listed on your DPS Checklist.  Any additional forms that you may need to download are available in the downloadable forms section of our website.  There are two ways to submit your supporting documentation.  Only do one of the two options for submitting your documents.

     1.  OPTION 1 - Scan in your documents that are on your checklist and save them as PDFs.  The DPS will not accept any other format for paperwork except PDF.  Upload your documents using the DPS RSD Contact Us page located at the following website:


     2.  OPTION 2 - Mail off your documents to the DPS Regulatory Service Department.  The address of the DPS RSD is:


          Regulatory Licensing Service MSC 0245

          Texas Department of Public Safety

          P.O. B o x   4 0 8 7

          Austin, Texas 78773-0245 

5.  Be Patient:

You have completed the application process.  Once the DPS receives everything they needed, they will verify your documents, perform a background check on you, print your handgun license and mail it to you.  The average time to receive your handgun license if you submitted your documents electronically is 2 to 4 weeks.  If you mailed in your documents, the average time is 4 to 8 weeks.  If you have any questions about the status of your license, you can go back to the Texas.gov  application page and sign in as a returning user to see the status of your license or you can contact the DPS Customer Service Phone: 1-800-224-5744.