Kaase Concealed Handgun School, LLC. - About KCHS

Kaase Concealed Handgun School is a company founded on teaching and certifying law abiding citizens to protect themselves with protection through licensed carry.  Our goal is to educate and train citizens on the laws that relate to licensed carry, the use of force and deadly force, non violent dispute resolutions, proper storage practices for handguns, handgun safety, handgun usage and handgun proficiency.  With the use of power point presentations, class participation scenarios and open discussions, we make the learning process very knowledgeable in a fun and relaxed environment.   We also teach many disciplines in firearms training from basic pistol, advanced shooting tactics, children basic pistol, school safety (teacher guardian) and numerous NRA certified courses.  KCHS has been voted the Heart Of Texas. Best License To Carry Training  in Central Texas for 4 years in a row in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.  Kaase Concealed Handgun School was also voted One of the Best License To Carry Class and The Best Firearms Training in Central Texas through the Best of Central Texas Awards 25th Anniversary in 2019 .


Bruce Kaase - Owner/instructor


Bruce grew up in Gatesville, Texas.  Throughout his youth, he was an firearm enthusiast.  Once he graduated from high school, he joined the United States Marine Corps.  He served in Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm, Operation Fiery Vigil and Operation More Care.  While in the Marines, he had the privilege of learning operating weapons and breakdowns.  Some of the weapons included the M-16A2, M-203 grenade launcher, and the M-249 S.A.W.  As a civilian, he became a Texas DPS Certified License To Carry Instructor to certify citizens so they will not become a victim of a crime.  He is also a Texas DPS Certified School Safety Officer Instructor, National Rifle Association Certified Pistol Instructor, National Rifle Association Certified Home Firearm Safety Instructor, National Rifle Association Certified Inside The Home Personal Protection Instructor, National Rifle Association Certified Outside The Home Personal Protection Instructor, National Rifle Association Chief Range Safety Officer, National Rifle Association Recruiter, Texas Parks and Wildlife Hunter Education Instructor, 4-H Shooting Sports Pistol Coach, Texas Law Shield Certified Instructor, Federal Firearms License holder, Texas Concealed Handgun Instructor's Association member and a Texas Hunter’s Education Instructors Association member.  Bruce is currently employed with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.